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Hogs Breath Cafe Hobie Cat National Championships 2005-2006, Perth
Nedlands Yacht Club, Western Australia
2 - 7 January 2006


January 8, 2006

Final Results and photos now posted

Ron McDonald - 1st Place Hobie 17 Nationals


Barry Sanders - 2nd Place Hobie 17 Class

Hobie Tiger 1st Place Steve Fields, Peter Dubbelaar

Hobie 16 Women's

Hobie 16 Womens 1st Place Belinda Zanesco,Bridget Waterhouse

Hobie 16 Masters

Hobie 16 Masters 1st Place Phil Smyth, Amber Smyth

Hobie 16 Grand Masters

Hobie 16 Grand Masters and "Fossil" 1st Place Phil Smyth, Amber Smyth

Hobie 16 Open

Hobie 16 Open 1st Darren Smith, Natalie Hill

Each Day we have a "tool of the day" trophy that is handed out to a skipper that has earn the award. The "Tool" must wear a orange jacket all day to show everyone that he or she is a "Tool". Each day, we pass on the jacket.

"Tool of the Day" - Day 1 - Lachlan Gibson

"Tool of the Day" - Day 2-  Paul Davis

"Tool of the Day" - Day 2-  Barry Sanders

It was a quiet day for sailing in Perth today the breeze rarely getting over 10 knots and coming from the east instead of the south west. Consequently there were few indiscretions.

HOWEVER !! There are always people willing to put their hand up.

Bob Schahinger decided that his Tiger needed the top of the mast wet to make it go faster and found the only puff over 10 knots to find a new and interesting way to capsize.

Aileen Armstrong found the same puff and an obscure position off the course to crash in....

But the winner was a Hobie 17 driven by Barry Sanders. He managed to drop the mast in VERY LITTLE wind which was clearly an over achievement and he was duely rewarded....

"Tool of the Day" - Day 3-  Alan Pitts

Alan was "Tool of the Day" just for being "Pitsy" (his nick name)

"Tool of the Day" - Day 4-  John Hooper

John ended up with the "Tool of the Day" jersey for starting racing late in the day..

"Tool of the Day" - Day 5  Lance Woods

Lance, you can't claim victory unless you cross the finish line...

January 2, 2006

We are going to try live streaming video today and see how it goes.

Link is:

Any feed back here

 January 1, 2006

After a slow start to the day ( I wonder why?) sailors starting rigging and tunning boats prior to the Hogs Breath Cafe Hobie Cat Nationals at Nedlands Yacht Club which starts on the 2nd. Photos now posted.

December 31, 2005

The Nedlands Yacht Club greeted more sailors arriving from all parts of Australia while the "Freo doctor" came in at 18++. Tonight is the  New Years Eve Party with Sponsor  -Hobie West.

A few photos now posted.

December 29, 2005

The Hobie Aus factory guys were busy building the charter boat fleet today. Many thanks to all the helpers who made the task easy.

The "Doctor" came in at about 15 knots today. Fingers crossed, the "Doctor" will make regular visits.

Photos posted under "Photos"

December 28, 2005

Sailors from around Australia have started to arrive for the Hogs Breath Cafe Hobie Cat Nationals 2005. The Hobie Aus factory will start assembling the charter boat fleet on Thursday December 29th.

Race Director John Hooper had a good look at the race course today and was quoted: " This is going to be a great place to sail. We have sailed in WA a few times however mostly on the ocean. The Swan River will provide close and challenging racing. The Nedlands Yacht Club is a fantastic place to run a prestigious event like the Hogs Breath Hobie Cat Nationals."

December 23, 2005

Message from the HCAWA President

Welcome to all the sailors, family, friends and guests to our home of Hobie Cat sailing in Western Australia. The Hobie Cat Association of WA is proud to be able to hold the 2006 Hogs Breath Australian National Hobie Cat Championships in Perth.

Nedlands Yacht Club and the Swan River has been the home for many of the greats including Brett Dryland, Steve Fields, and Gavin Colby who all went on to win World Championships. The Swan River, Fremantle Doctor and the dedicated WA Hobie sailors provide us with one of the largest single fleets of Hobie 16’s in Australia.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts everyone has gone to coming to Perth. It is a long way and so we will ensure you have a good time. Our aim when planning the regatta was to ensure we have competitive sailing, great social events and show our allegiance to the Hobie Way of Life.

Perth is a great place with Fremantle not too far away. There are fantastic white beaches, vineyards and plenty to see. We hope you take the opportunity to do a little sightseeing on the lay day and hope you like our great state.

Thank you for participating. Enjoy the racing and the social program. I wish you fair winds, good sailing and the best of luck.

All the best,

Jason Spencer
Hobie Cat Association of Western Australia

December 22, 2005

Need to ship gear? Then Bell's Transport are the right guys!! They even have a Hobie decal on the truck.

The Hobie Aus factory has been busy this week with the loading of the Hogs Breath Hobie Cat Nationals truck. We managed to fit in nine Hobie 16’s, two Hobie 17’s, one Hobie Tiger, eight sail boxes with spares and accessories, seven sets of beach wheel and seven Hobie kayaks. Oh, and the odd bike or two.

We please to be a part of the 2006 Hogs Breath Hobie Cat Nationals in Perth Western Australia. Perth is perhaps one of the best places to sail in Australia.

A big thank you must go to the Hogs Breath Café for there support of the event and the support they have given the Hobie Class when the doors of the first restaurant were opened in July 1989 at Airle Beach, North Queensland.

Quite simply, the basic Hog's Breath philosophy is "have fun and enjoy yourself" is much like the philosophy of the Hobie Class as we enjoy the “Hobie Way of life” that is sought by others.

This event will live up to the traditions and spirit of the Hogs Breath "have fun and enjoy yourself" and the Hobie Class “Hobie way of life”.

It’s not too late to make a move and join us in Perth. You will not regret it, this I will promise.

Steve Fields
Managing Director
Hobie Cat Company - Australasia PL

December 19, 2005

Well all it’s that time of the year again, when you get the chance to catch up with your HOBIE Family. This year’s destination is the sunny PERTH. For those that have been before you know that your going & those who have not well get ya butt over there & see why this place ROCKS. The people, sailing the food & fun time are not to be missed. Along with all the fun you have the bonus reasons to qualify for the ISAF games on the Hobie Tiger & Hobie 16 for the woman teams.

“Have a Hobie way of life” & enjoy the time ahead because you only get to see this family once a year. So make it count.

Kevlar ANHCA Pres

December 19, 2005

Entry List no updated. Details can be found in event details. 60 Boats and counting!


December 16, 2005

ANHCA AGM will be at 10am on 5 January at Nedlands Yacht Club.


December 14, 2005

Here's what they are saying from around Australia......

As the current Grandmasters World Champion, Sarah and I are looking forward to sailing in the wild west against some of WA’s finest Hobie sailors. I haven’t sailed there since 1966 before most of you young bucks were born. I expect that there will be a few changes to the city since then. There are three Queensland teams going over and we encourage all Hobie sailors to attend. The sailing on the Swan is terrific and the Sandgropers are known for their hospitality. The scene is set for a great series with breeze every day and a real competitive fleet. Do yourself a favour and BE THERE.

President of the Queensland Hobie Cat Association
2006 IHCA Hobie Grandmaster World Champion


I have competed on Hobie's all around the world, but have never competed at Perth. I have never even been to Perth and am really looking forward to the Nationals this year. I know that you guys over there are 16 mad and have a very strong competitive fleet, so I am leaving the Tiger under the gum tree and coming over to play on a 16. I think the 16,s will be an excellent event, drawing some of the best 16 sailors in the world to what I am told is a brilliant venue.

Brad Sumner
1996, 1999, 2005 Hobie 18 World Champion


1994 . . . WA . . . Jervis Bay . . . 41 Hobie 16’s, 7 Hobie 16 Women (the first time the event was held!), 13 Hobie 17’s, 10 Hobie 18’s, 15 Hobie 14’s & Turbos . . . . and . . . the Doctor!!! 2005 . . . WA . . . Nedlands Yacht Club . . . SO FAR . . . 43 16’s, 3Women, 2 H17’s, 9 Tigers . . . and the Doctor!!!!

This years Tiger and Hobie 16 Women’s events @ the Perth Hobie Nats . . . are also the Yachting Australia Inc selection series for the ISAF World Sailing Games . . . . . . in Austria next May.

A trip to the Nationals in WA is the biggest adventure in your Aussie Hobie life . . . !

I’m Excited . . . see you there.

John Hooper
2006 Hogs Breath Hobie Nationals PRO


Bridget and I are really excited to be competing in our first nationals together in sunny Perth. We have teamed up to travel to the West with the goal of representing Australia at the World Sailing Games in Austria in May, where if selected will sail a Hobie 16 with a spinnaker. Perth will offer us an excellent training opportunity in flat water on the "Swan" river, and we are hoping the freo "doctor" (not Pedro) kicks in hard for some fun sailing. Aside from that we are really excited to be catching up with our mates to enjoy the social festivities the guys from WA are turning on for us all.

Belinda Zanesco
ANHCA Women's National Champion
Bronze Medallist 2004 - 16th Coca Cola Hobie 16 Women's World Championships


I am Allan Pitts, I am so excited to be representing Hobie Cat in WA. I am going to go there so I can drink (heaps of rum with Worsty), maybe manage a sail (oh if it is not to windy) and chat up those young sheila's (especially that gorgeous chick Natalie). My crew (well not sure if I have one, but that is minor detail) will need to put up with me puffing and panting up the course (you know I am 60 now so things are a bit slower)....and then doing my favourite thing attending the ANCHA committee meeting where I will kick ass (if I cant on the water Ill do it at the meeting).

Allan Pitts
President of the NSW Hobie Cat Association
All around great guy


December 12, 2005

The party is on !! Entries are pouring in daily.......have you entered?


Saturday 31.12.05 - New Years Eve Party - Sponsor Hobie West
Welcome Evening - NYC Club House 6pm - food platters drinks vouchers from sponsors - PARTY !!!!.

Sunday 01.01.06 - New Years Day
Registration day - possible hangover recovery period.

Monday 02.01.06 Sponsor Hobie Cat Australasia
NYC Bar drink vouchers from sponsors & BBQ
Competitors pay for their food BBQ packs available.

NYC Canteen open for Breakfast 8 am - Food available during the day.

Tuesday 03.01.06 - Emma's House Party
BBQ at Emma's place (2 blocks from club 5 min walk - map provided) BBQ packs and drinks are available to purchase from NYC to take to Emma's if required:

NYC Canteen open for Breakfast 8 am - Food available during the day.

Wednesday 04.01.06 - Hogs Breath Cafe
Hogs Breath Cafe - Northbridge (Entertainment district)
This is an evening to support the main sponsor. Discount cards will be provided giving competitors 25% off.
Big Bus - will leave NYC car park at 7.00pm for Hogs Breath.

WA competitors if you please make your own way. Competitors to find their own way back.

NYC Canteen open for Breakfast 8 am - Food available during the day

Thursday 05.01.06 - Lay Day. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday 06.01.06 Sponsor SailPower Marine
NYC Bar drink vouchers from sponsors & BBQ
Competitors pay for their food BBQ packs available.

NYC Canteen open for Breakfast 8 am - Food available during the day

Saturday 07.01.06 - Presentation night - BEACH PARTY THEME
Evening: Smorgasbord meal supplied for competitors.

NYC Canteen open for Breakfast 8 am - Food available during the day.

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