Day two of the 16 opens brought shifty wind and a lot of waiting. Race five was equal amounts luck and skill as the wind slowly died and shifted throughout the race. Bonnie and Chilli almost beat Mick but Kyle and Nick made sure that it was not the case by coming above them on the downwind causing the girls a loss of 4 boats, including Mick.
Everyone was then sent in for lunch as there was no wind. That was when the waiting started. After hours of waiting a quick shift and increase in wind caused a few boats to tip on shore and caused Andrew’s to boat to take sail on the sand by itself! Cam Owen almost caught the mast of a boat capsizing on the beach with his head. After a bit more of this chaos the fleet was sent out into a nice little seabreaze.
Race two bonnie and Chilli put on a show with a horrific first tack straight into Brian an Kerry taking a chunk  of their gel coat. They were not to exited to tell Mick. The girls were resigned to being DFL at the finish, but made a massive comeback passing 15 boats throughout the race to finish 15th.

With two races done most competitors packed up and stuffed themselves with a $10 Chicken Snity from the club. Forecast is for a “solid” breeze in the morning - hope the snitty sits well.