In a classic seabreeze today the Spinaker fleet enjoyed a range of conditions starting off in around 8 knots and building steadily through the day to a magic 18-20 knots. 

In the rental fleet, Phill and Redders decided they didn’t want to be outdone by Jake and Alannah who broke a daggerboard on day one, went all out dropped the jib, busted the spinnaker pole,  made spaghetti from all the fallen rope and went trawling for prawns on the rental Tiger. All this after the finish of the last race for the day. While the guys were working on cleaning up the mess so they could come into shore safely, multiple rescue efforts were launched to save them - only to find them sail to shore when they were ready.

Neil Tarrant has been banging on for years that he is no good in heavy weather. Today we can all be thankful that he is now super quick in a blow, and was challenging for the lead in the last race - until he went skiing behind the boat at a gate rounding. Full credit to Tait for hauling Neil back onto the boat from a somewhat precarious position.

Mal & Mick were looking pretty racey in the third race of the day until the last downwind when Mal “slipped” from his comfortable seated position on the deck, and sent Mick flying on trapeze - a long way.

Kerrie overstated mark so far that after turning almost 90 degrees was only head to wind - and stalled, only to watch Peter Manley the 1st mark specialist narrowly avoid running up the back of the Drivers and lead the Tigers onto the downwind leg

For those interested in results, Danny and Craig opened up a points gap over husband and wife team of Kerrie and Andrew scoring 3 firsts today. In the Wildcats it was a Vincentia battle awarding 2 firsts and 2 seconds to Skewes, and the same to Quinny.