There was a bit of something for everyone in the 14 fleet today with the building seabreaze offering a range of conditions.

Andrew McKenzie was eager to get good starts, but twice came in to the start SUPER hot and got recalled. On one of Andrew’s recalls, Pat Eastment thought he was over (but wasn’t even close), and went around with Andrew.

Martin Venter has confused the Hobie Nationals with a learn to swim class, and has enrolled his brand new 14 for swimming lessons. Today’s lesson is for Martin to wear booties - this shines new hulls are really slippery when they are upside down.

After another sneaky (light wind) win by Vincentia’s James Rhodes in the first race of day 3, World Champ Fletcher showed the class that got him the title and took 3 wins looking very convincing as the breeze built. He now has an unassailable points lead for the Aussie championship, leaving Campbell Weddell fighting to catch James for second.